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At Front Porch we rely on donations,
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At Front Porch, we always aim to be completely transparent in how we use our money

This ensures that we are able to make the most happen with your donations.

front porch 2019 budget
total budget: $288,000 

Salaries & Housing: $184,090
Benefits: $44,797
Coffee House: $33,000
Facilities: $5,000
Programs & Administration: $21,113


Donate through Venmo 

Front Porch began using Venmo for student donations to Front Porch in March, 2017. 
Since that time, students, family and friends of Front Porch have donated over $10,000 using Venmo!

Find us @FrontPorchSLO,

or search for Front Porch SLO

Donate through Text Message

text one of the following commands to 805-793-0121


$50: type any value amount with or without a dollar sign for a one time donation
$50 monthly: sets up a monthly donation for any value amount.
Frequency options are “weekly,” “biweekly,” “monthly,” and “yearly.”
$50 Kyle: one time donation of any value to the Kyle Smith fund.
$50 Kyle monthly: recurring donation to Kyle Smith fund.
Frequency options are “weekly,” “biweekly,” “monthly,” and “yearly.”
Refund: Refunds the previously given contribution (must be done within 24 hours of the contribution).
Update: Update your payment method or recurring gift. Our text giving number will respond with a link where you can make these changes.
Unlink: Unlinks your phone from the text to give system.
Commands: Provides a list of the available text commands.

Donate through AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile is operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The only difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, they donate 0.5% of your purchased to the organization of your choice, and Front Porch is one of them!

Just remember to go to every time you shop or it will not count. We would greatly appreciate you adding us on AmazonSmile! We’re located under Front Porch, SLO.