Front Porch is a student coffee house where everything is free. Whether you need to study, hang out with friends, or just grab a cup of coffee, you are welcome here.


Our staff is a community of people shaped by the teachings of Jesus, believing that every person matters, every moment matters, and that both demand our love and attention because we believe The Divine is present within them.

Our Mission

Front Porch seeks to create an environment where students from Cal Poly University and Cuesta College can build genuine relationships and live life together.  As a staff, we try our best to follow the teachings of Jesus and learn to live in a way where we can love people better. We love people without an agenda, believing that every person has something significant to contribute to our community. We believe that God is actively at work around us and we look for creative ways of joining in that work.
Whoever you are, you are welcome here.  

Camping Trips


Wednesday Night Dinners


Saturday Night
Worship Gatherings

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Volunteer Events


Open Mic Nights


Pancake breakfast

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