Donate through Venmo 

Front Porch began using Venmo for student donations to Front Porch in March, 2017. 
Since that time, students, family and friends of Front Porch have donated over $10,000 using Venmo!

Find us @FrontPorchSLO,

or search for Front Porch SLO

Donate through Text Message

text one of the following commands to 805-793-0121


$50: type any value amount with or without a dollar sign for a one time donation
$50 monthly: sets up a monthly donation for any value amount.
Frequency options are “weekly,” “biweekly,” “monthly,” and “yearly.”
$50 Kyle: one time donation of any value to the Kyle Smith fund.
$50 Kyle monthly: recurring donation to Kyle Smith fund.
Frequency options are “weekly,” “biweekly,” “monthly,” and “yearly.”
Refund: Refunds the previously given contribution (must be done within 24 hours of the contribution).
Update: Update your payment method or recurring gift. Our text giving number will respond with a link where you can make these changes.
Unlink: Unlinks your phone from the text to give system.
Commands: Provides a list of the available text commands.